My name is Amanda J Parker and this blog is about my journey on the Yoga train..  Back in  2012 I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful retreat in Turkey called Juicy Mountain. This was a 7day juice only retreat and it marked not only the beginning of my love for juicing but also more importantly yoga.  The retreat is run by Juice Master, which is the brain child of Jason Vale (aka Juice Master), the best-selling author of eleven books on health, addiction and juicing. On the retreat I was taught by Steve Mungier whose combination of knowledge and humour was a perfect balance to get me hooked. When I returned home after  only a short time I was lucky enough to come across my current teacher Rosemary Booker. Her teachings have keep me truly captivated and I have learnt so much from her extensive knowledge and compassionate teachings.

For the last 9 months I have been lucky enough to work at Juicy HQ the head office of Juice Master, where I’ve been able to play a very small part in supporting Jason’s mission: “To juice the world”.

Now I’m on my own little mission.. To learn all things yoga and immerse myself  into the magical land of India. It’s a place of contrasts and I’m under no illusion that the journey will not all be plain sailing… But that’s all part of journey right?


A  sample of photos from my previous two trips to India, I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people and be immersed in some simply stunning surrounds.

Beautiful surroundings.

Trekking in Kashmir

Train Journey

Train Journey

Holy Sadhu Alwar

Holy Sadhu, Alwar

My Travelling companion in 2011 waiting for one of many train journeys to start

My Travelling companion Matt waiting for one of ray ban sunglasses many bus journeys to begin

Riding in the cabin of a bus

Riding in the cabin of a bus

One of my Favourite modes of transport.

One of my favourite modes of transport.

Looking down on visitor to the Jantar Mantar

Looking down on visitors to the Jantar Mantar

Visiting a Screen printing factory in

Visiting a screen printing factory

Host for lunch whilst trekking in Kashmir.

Host for lunch whilst trekking in Kashmir.

Saying hello to a calf whilst on a walk.

Saying hello to a calf whilst on a walk.


And so the countdown begins.

As I approach my last 12 days in the UK I feel it’s time to begin what I hope to be a documentation of my journey to India. On Thursday 2nd October I will fly to Delhi and then onwards to Rishikesh to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training. This is by no means a unique experience and the journey is made by 1000’s of people hoping to deepen their knowledge and dream of becoming a phentermine yoga teacher. At this moment do I think I’ll come back a yoga teacher? If I’m honest no… But I do think it will be a continuation of the voyage of discovery that yoga has become for me. To be able to immerse myself in something I have come to love over the last two years. So I’m about to board the yoga train and looking forward to highs, lows and unknown… All change!