And so the countdown begins.

As I approach my last 12 days in the UK I feel it’s time to begin what I hope to be a documentation of my journey to India. On Thursday 2nd October I will fly to Delhi and then onwards to Rishikesh to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training. This is by no means a unique experience and the journey is made by 1000’s of people hoping to deepen their knowledge and dream of becoming a phentermine yoga teacher. At this moment do I think I’ll come back a yoga teacher? If I’m honest no… But I do think it will be a continuation¬†of the voyage of discovery that yoga has become for me. To be able to immerse myself in something I have come to love over the last two years. So I’m about to board the yoga train and looking forward to highs, lows and unknown… All change!

3 thoughts on “And so the countdown begins.

  1. GlynnParker says:

    I think I have cracked it.
    Technology and the right temperament.
    I have both in abundance!!
    Needless to say we wish you a wonderful trip of a lifetime. xx

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