Graduation day tomorrow…

I’ve treated myself to an internet cafe slot to bring you my latest cheap MLB Jerseys post, in partial celebration that I Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses am quickly approaching the end of my course. How on earth I find myself her already leaves me baffled….

Alongside baffled I’ll add reflective to the mix. The last remaining hurdle is now Philosophy test tomorrow morning and mantra test. Mantra test was strictly speaking today but that was not to be today. I’ve overcome some hurdles but nerves got the better of me for that one. I will do it before the day is out tomorrow, even if that involves a long wait to get into the zone.

On a more positive note I have managed to teach two classes, which is a huge relief and something I’m very proud of. I was getting to the point where I wasn’t sure it was going to happen but it’s amazing what a bit of positive ray ban sale thinking and inspiration from fellow class mates can do.

The biggest thing to share would have to repeat on points I’ve raised before and that is to do with people and also myself. I love how this has challenged my behaviour and rather than fight things all the time just try and be accepting and approach things in a less serious way, it’s early days of course but that’s all good. I have to say I’m looking forward to having a slight calmer pace of life for a couple of weeks but will certainly be incorporating some discipline into Women the mix (it’s one of the eight limbs of yoga don’t you know). Along with a mix of light heartedness and fun times on the beach! Oh the beach….. Sorry back to in the moment.. none of that look forward business! Like I said work in progress, it’ll take longer than a month to break a life time of habits, maybe years who knows??!

Before I draw to a close because revision is calling..

I will just share the day off activity before I forget, I’ve completed the appropriate Rishikesh tourist duty of going to see the Beatles Ashram. It’s derelict but you still get a sense of the vast area that it comprised of . The parts that stands out the most were the beautiful surrounding woodland area, really beautiful and also some stunning views of the foothills of the Himalayas, which NFL Jerseys Cheap you could view from top of some of the buildings. It really is hard to fully describe how vast the area was. The other stand out cheap jordans for sale was the art gallery which pays homage to the Sherlock: The Final Problem streaming

Check out the gallery:

I will post some more soon but for now some study time.


Sunday Funday

Ah… Sunday day off.. A chance to recuperate, have time to come to an internet cafe rather than use my itouch to painstakingly try and post.

So how to reflect on the last few days and share. The Diwali celebrations have been in full force and at times I have felt like I’m in a war zone. These are not fireworks as I know it… They have been going off everywhere with little warning and not in the normal vertical direction, pretty much any direction. In the street on top of buildings, anywhere there is a surface a firework  can be placed. It has continued on for the last few days and not just in the night (although there has been plenty of this Cheap Jerseys too) but during the day. The boom of explosives has joined the continuous car/bike horns to create the soundtrack of last few days.

In the spirit of the festival, it seemed like a good idea to purchase some cheap fireworks and create our own display and display it certainly was. Not in the traditional sense but entertaining non the less, Andy is now concentrating on growing back his eyelashes and eyebrows. I managed to get some great shots and as soon as I have time to download from my camera I’ll get some on here. In the meantime is the slightly substandard itouch versions.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The last week has bought it’s challenges as we now approach our final week, there has certainly been a shift in behaviour within the group which I think is only natural given the intensity of living in such close proximity and working out what exactly doing this course means to each and everyone of us. It’s been good because it’s kind of forced me to step back and really think about how easy it is to misjudge or get annoyed with certain types of behaviours. I’m learning that an averse reaction, often says more about you rather than the oakley outlet person. This highlights one of many interesting learning curves I’ve discovered during my trip so full Beauty and the Beast film

The voice continues to be my greatest Fake Ray Bans challenge and  yesterday I felt totally fed up with it and everything else I could get my hands on to feel annoyed with. I indulged it for a good proportion of the day but as always talking to someone else gives a new perspective and causes you to realise you just need to get over yourself.

Today I have a fresh pair of eyes and feel re-energised by the freedom of time Ray Ban Outlet alone to just be and do my own thing. A brisk walk with my Mexican buddies and then onwards on my own to my favourite place  ‘The Juice House’ everything there is made with such love and attention to detail and it really does translate into the food. I had a green juice and the most amazing fruit salad. I also asked for a ginger shot aka the healthy espresso. So gooood! It’s only a small space so you naturally sit with others. I met a lovely French woman called Anne, who was a pleasure to talk to. It was a lot of juicing talk but I was in my element! Some nice natural, easy going conversation which was a perfect start to the day.

A quick blog update and shortly onto research for my anatomy test tomorrow and also two classes to plan for, ) which feels like my Everest given the fact I struggle Cheap Ray Bans with even the most basic teaching. I have to put this aside and start believing it can happen in whatever form it may take.

Happy Diwali!

Shiva basking in the afternoon sun.

Shiva basking in cheap jordans for sale the afternoon sun.

<img class="size-medium wp-image-205" src="×225.jpg" alt="Three wise monkeys." Cheap NFL Jerseys width=”300″ height=”225″ srcset=”×225.jpg 300w,×612.jpg Cheap MLB Jerseys 816w, 960w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” Cheap Jerseys From China />

Three wise monkeys.

A Fake Oakleys couple of photos to say Happy Diwali! Let the celebrations begin.. With an ashtanga (2017) class!


Countdown to Diwali

I’ll start off with some lighthearted offerings. As I type I can hear some ray ban sunglasses sale fireworks which mark the start of Diwali festival celebrations. I’m so grateful to be here in India for what is set to be a big old shindig Indian style…

Other news to share.. Rafting.. Well that was certainly a memorable experience! One to pop in the treasure trove of my mind without a doubt. We drove up river to our drop off point where we got kitted out for our little adventure. I can’t say our briefing was exactly comprehensive and I think all of us were a little concerned that we were going to be let loose on the Ganges, which I hasten to add included some nice little rapids, thankfully only one major one but on the scale of rapids I’m sure it wasn’t up there, it was however enough for us novices. It was a steady trip and apart from the slight hysteria during the rapids, we were all good! There was an option to pop yourself out of the raft at one point and for some reason that seemed like a good idea, until you realise you are going to continue the onwards journey soaked to your skin. It was ok though as we had a pit stop a bit afterwards on the rocky bank, which had some chai stalls with some extra little refreshments, rude not to partake. There was also an option to do a rock jump into the Ganga, this was the point where I should have enjoyed the view of others doing it. However in my naivety cheap authentic jordans I went forward, now there are different accounts of the drop… From my view it felt like 10metres but others felt that it was less, who knows. What I do know was once I made the leap (of faith) I couldn’t control my unease of the situation and screamed the whole way down. Mortified. A valuable learning curve: don’t look down. It was as terrifying as it was streaming movie The Lost City of Z 2017 online

The journey continued and a chance to absorb the scenery and what scenery it was, simple nature at it’s most powerful. It’s moments like that I saviour and feel grateful to be experiencing. We steadily made our way home and with that came a wonderful new view looking inwards rather than outwards as usual.

The rest of the post is I’m afraid following the ongoing theme I’m a bit down hearted to write, again there is the temptation to omit it but I want to give myself every possible chance to cringe if I ever read this back!
So that damn voice.. Seems to have dived back into the deep reassesses of my body to be replaced with breathlessness and a physical manifestation that is now becoming a bigger problem than I thought. I find myself considering the possibility that I actually might not be able to do this, that my personality is not one that can cope with the ‘performance’ I’ll persist of nba jerseys sales course and as I’ve discovered things don’t always end how you expect but you always learn something. Another concern is the effect on the other students, that it is becoming a pain in the ass and indeed a distraction. This I will have to be mindful of.

I’ve struggled the last couple of days with a lack of inspiration during asana practise. I’m so lucky at home to have my teacher Rosemary that teaches with a sense of depth and nurturing developed from her own journey. I fail to have any real connection as yet and that has proved to be a challenge I have to figure out. How to inspire myself during a class… The evening teacher, which has bared the brunt of my struggles does not know how to Wholesale Jerseys handle me at all, he’s young and I’m pretty sure hasn’t come across this before. The words of inspiration: don’t be nervous, don’t cry be strong, don’t show you’re weak. I forget the rest.. Not going to get all victim on you. Maybe it’ll help him learn and grow as a teacher, if his ego allows.

So I know my main objective is to master the breathing practises: Pranayama, this I’m hoping with at least give me the chance to at least create a Cheap Jerseys From China coping mechanism. Lets see what happens.. Now to study for the philosophy test tomorrow, Blue now seems fairly low down on the worry scale in comparison. Silver lining.



The journey continues..

Today is day off…. And time for some much needed regeneration. The day so far beautiful ashtanga class with my fabulous Mexican friend Erica always willing to share her Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses knowledge and love. Proceeded by a much needed lemon and ginger Fake Ray Bans overlooking the Ganga (I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this) and then a cheeky little chai to perfect the morning. Complimented with some engaging conversations with my buddy Andy. How to begin to share the last few days.. An impossible task to give everything but let’s work on the highlights and maybe a few lowlights to give a balanced and more importantly realistic account. The journey for the voice has been my greatest challenge without a doubt and although I have no desire to bang on about it, but it’s certainly been at the epicentre of my little world. There have been implosions in a very public way which have been incredibly hard and left me feeling drained at times but it has been key in moving forward, exposure therapy if you like. My class mates have been more than understanding and supportive, giving me a place to be totally vulnerable and accept the feelings as they arise. So to cut a long story short, yesterday I managed to start class with mediation and chanting the Gayatri mantra, really helped to get under my belt and felt truly liberating to sing in pubic. I’ve never considered I might have a voice which sounds anything other than the constants auditioning really badly on X factor or Britain’s Got Talent. Turns out Cheap Jordan Shoes its not that bad.. Shock news! I’m no Kate Bush but hey you can dream… So after this then came the teaching of sun salutation A, by no means a smooth delivery but a starting point. The (nearly) daily juice fix continues to be a fantastic way to focus the taxi to and brisk walk back helps to bring fresh energy to the subsequent theory classes. The theory side of learn had been harder this week with the complex subject of the yoga sutras to try and grasp. I’ve decided ray ban outlet to try and accept everything will not be concrete in my mind but a foundation on understand will certainly be set. I got my head shaved (not the whole lot) yesterday, which was one of those tiny little moments that are seemingly insignificant but give you a nice little boost. The barber had a lovely gentle spirit and I loved his Introduction routine. The clean up involved what can only be described as a dustpan brush covered in talc.. Old school.. I turned down the head massage. Mostly because a deep tissue massage was next on the agenda. So this was my first experience of a massage in India. It certainly got some fresh blood pumping around my body and relieved some built up tensions. There was a lot of oil involved and interestingly some use of punching. Not something I’m accustomed to but when in Rome… I guess I’ve been spoilt back home but this only the first one I’ve had so I’ll stay opened minded. Shortly off rafting, which I’m more than a little excited about. Fingers crossed I don’t find myself in Varanasi due to any misjudged overboard situations. It’s cheap jerseys a beautiful day for it, the sun is shining bright and is a perfect day to soak in the energy, surroundings and likely a great deal of the Ganga.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Photos… Post to follow!

<img class="size-medium wp-image-182" Cheap Oakleys src=”×225.jpg” alt=”New hairdresser!” width=”300″ height=”225″ srcset=”×225.jpg fake ray bans 300w,×612.jpg 816w, 960w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

New hairdresser!

<img class="size-medium NFL Jerseys Cheap wp-image-183″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”Monkey central bridge” width=”300″ height=”225″ srcset=”×225.jpg 300w,×612.jpg 816w, 960w” sizes=”(max-width: ray ban sunglasses 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Monkey central bridge

 watch full The Promise 2017 film online

Mislaid the voice

As with most highs there comes a low.. Not always the case but turns out that this journey will be an interesting concoction of both. I’m happy to report that I can at least be philosophical about today, where as in time gone by this would have been quite the opposite. Silver lining..

I’m not alone in experiencing highs and lows, everyone on the course are navigating their own personal journey through the minefield of learning in such an intense way. You can be very exposed to your vulnerabilities, which can be difficult and indeed challenging, however well seasoned in life you may be.

So the today has been a mixture as always but generally ok. The sticking point which I’m kind of sad to share Fake Oakleys in a sense after the elation of yesterday. But share I will because I made a promise to be as honest as I can about the experience. I got a stark reminder that it’ll take more than one success of teaching to get over what are in essence completely out of proportion nerves that I feel in a vulnerable situation. I was certainly not alone in this feeling as each and everyone went forth to the mat. Today was not to be and my voice had seemingly disappeared… I got on the ‘teaching’ mat and voice disappeared deep inside and was replaced with silence and a few tears. Even as I write this I’m cheap jerseys surprised at my own honesty.. One to cringe at later down the line.

Still need to work on retaining my voice so it seems. Although as mentioned earlier the fake oakleys silver lining. In fact there are a few… Kindness shown by my class mates, shown in various forms. My analysis of the situation – rather than berate myself I recognised that some self kindness was in order, something I think we’re all guilty of in situations which we feel like we’ve failed to make the grade. Shortly I will force myself to go and face the music and speak honestly with people, when actually I’d like to Skirts keep away.Alien: Covenant movie download

It’s funny really… You know when you see contestants on a show like The Great British Bake Off getting all serious and that what there doing is the most important thing in the world? I suddenly understand what it is, the absolute drive and desire to do your best and throw yourself Cheap Jordan Shoes fully into the experience. I can’t Cheap Ray Bans believe I’ve just referenced The Great British Bake Off I’m sure there must have been something more sophisticated to use. Oh well.. Which reminds me who won??

In conclusion I’m still learning so, so much. And maybe the most important lesson today was being told that when someone offers love you should accept it. Cue cheesy end credits….

Small victory

I have many anecdotes I could share from the last couple of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses days. But none compare to this afternoons events. VIP, Firstly I can share the news that after some serious studying I can report that I managed full marks in anatomy test.. no one was more surprised than I was. Considering myself far from academic I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to perform as I would like. Cheap nfl Jerseys Turns out if you work your ass off and apply some techniques, regardless of your learning abilities it is possible to do it. This isn’t intended to be all self congratulatory (well maybe a tiny bit) but rather more sharing a lesson of big self discovery.

After a fraught day when members of the group expressed concern about the style of our vinyasa teacher, it all turned into a positive in the end. It certainly created a cheap nfl jerseys few ripples and was our first challenge as a group. Everyone deals with these things in a different way and it certainly brought some tensions to the surface. To cut a long story short, the lesson today was by far our most productive and after some honest discussions we managed to resolve our issues…phew..

So with some more instruction and direction we worked through sun salutation A and broke it apart. Learning teaching techniques and directions. My first victory (for want of a better word) was to finally get chaturanga mastered, which has been a stumbling block for a while. Although the biggest moment to report was being able to overcome my huge fear of public talking/speaking until today I have always avoided it due to the paralysising fear that it creates but I can report today I managed to teach sun salutation A to my class. As I write I realise this may come across as a fairly minor thing but for me this was one of the most liberating things I’ve done (other than naked volleyball…that’s another story!!!) and it finally gave me faith that I might be able to do this. Who knows what the future holds but one thing is for sure I am on the right track at least for now, learning only information but huge lessons about myself. The day was topped off with our second meditation, which was perfect ending to the day.

I could share so much more but for today or Cheap Jerseys the previous days, some grumbles but instead it’s all about a small little throwback jerseys victory.



Little voice

Where to begin… As always I’m conflicted as I have so On much to share but I think I’d lose some people along the way if I tried to articulate my every full film Guardians

Yesterday was another day of learning that bowls me over, the realisation that once you begin to learn it just increases your desire to learn more. Mantra class was a cheap Air Jordans sticking point and was a stark reminder of how demons can stop you in your tracks and smack you in the face at the most inopportune moments. We were learning the Ganesha mantra, lots of chanting together and then… Individual chanting… This was the point I realised I haven’t quite found my voice yet and the ray ban sunglasses sale old confidence issue reared it’s ugly head and I couldn’t do it.. Complete paralysis. So although I was upset and it took a whole to pull myself back together, I realised that this was the very thing I need to overcome. With this in mind I decided to try and head a study group we’ve organised to help digest the course information, of which there is plenty..

Other than that the day was full of positivity and after a long day the knowledge that it was day off meant we could let loose! The evening was spent with Andy my walking, talking, studying, chilling and chai buddy and Sharon who I mentioned in the previous post. Even though we have know each other for a short time the friendships we have formed are refreshing and genuine. The conversation was free flowing, punctuated with much laughter and even more talking over each other. It’s a good job Andy is a chilled out guy! We went to a fantastic restaurant called The Royal Cafe which produced some stunning food.

Today was day off.. Much needed, if only to take a breath and absorb the last week. Started Cheap nfl Jerseys the day with the usual walk with my buddy, a perfect way to begin the day. A gentle walk with some engaging conversation, oh and cheap ray ban sungalsses maybe a couple of cheeky chai’s enroute. An excursion to a small sacred cave called Vasish along the Ganga, was just what was needed and gave everyone the chance to relax at least for a few hours. Until this point the rest of the day has been practical chores washing clothes, shopping for supplies.. Squeezed in a nice wander which included the discovery of the juice Cheap Jordans bar – so above post for the lowdown! Now off for another study group… Test tomorrow….

Juice a go go!

Green juice, cow and Ganga. India is a place of contrasts after all...

Green juice, cow and Ganga. India is a place of contrasts after all…

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<div id="attachment_136" Cheap Ray Bans style=”width: 310px” class=”wp-caption alignnone”><img class="size-medium wp-image-136" src="×225.jpg" alt="Juice menu" width="300" height="225" srcset="×225.jpg 300w,×612.jpg 816w, 960w" sizes="(max-width: discount oakley 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Juice menu

Can you just take a minute to Cheap Jerseys think just how excited I was to discover this little gem today courtesy of a heads up from Sharon, one of the first people I meet when I arrived in Rishikesh. Someone else who talks at great speed and constantly interrupts!! We’re a match made in heaven.. The conversations we have are far from dull. So I now have a place to get a freshly extracted juice every morning, that has cheap Air Jordans made me happy beyond measure! It’s a 15 minute walk from the yoga school/hotel but Cheap Jordans Sale a small price to pay. In fact it’s is quite literally a small price to pay 50 rupees for a green power juice… That’s less than 50pence.. Yes you read right 50p.. So as of tomorrow some good habits will be re-established.. Too many bad ones sneaking in as a consequence of readily available mountains of chapatis and rice.. Lovely of course just not twice a day, everyday! A balance to strike and strike I will. This course is all about discipline after all so this is another to add to the list which goes in hand with the practise of yoga and meditation. Another post coming shortly….

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