2 thoughts on “Hacked By Shade

  1. Nina says:

    Hey Amanda,

    It has taken me a while to catch up on your updates and I have to confess I have cheated and read this one before the previous messages since December, so sorry. But, as always I read these updates and picture the scenes like a movie playing in my head – similar to the setting of the Marigold Hotel Movie.. . 🙂 .

    I love your raw and honest updates and expressions and impressions you describe – giggling away to myself as I read away and I cannot seem to get enough. I will certainly be going back to the other blogs as i just cannot miss out on those wonderful adventures you must have had.

    Lol, Ollie Muirs – reminds me of a cousin in India telling me how much they loved ‘Michael George from Wham! ‘.

    Have a beautiful evening… Love you and keep safe. See you soon. xxx

    • Amanda says:

      It’s ok Nina… I forgive you! There’s a whole lot of text involved!!! I happy to hear you are enjoying them, it’s been great writing them and getting a record of my adventure! Ollie Muirs… hilarious… Love you too fabulous Nina take care xxx

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